Microservices architecture pattern

Microservices - yet another new software architecture pattern following which an application is developed, or refactored, into separate micro- services.

Posted by Sergey P. on August 03, 2016

Nowadays there is a lot of buzz around Microservices architecture pattern. Wikipedia defines this architecture as ā€œa more concrete and modern interpretation of service-oriented architectures (SOA) used to build distributed software systemsā€. Personally I can not completely agree with statement that Microservices architecture is just interpretation of SOA but Iā€™m agree with that this is modern architecture :) And as all modern it tries to adopt and use all the best plasticises and principles (not only those connected to the architecture design but also development and programming practices). That the reason why Microservices architecture is thing which is worth to check and get familiarity with. And I hope the following book will help you with this:

Microservices from Design to Deployment by Chris Richardson with Floyd Smith (c) NGINX, Inc.

It is written as series of blog posts and provide short and clear introduction into the Microservices.